This is the annual event that got Sigma FC first started back in 2005! Since then the annual Sigma Development and ID Camps have afforded thousands of attendees from Southern Ontario and other parts of Canada, the United States and Internationally, the opportunity to learn from a great group of educators in an environment centered on a positive learning experience for all.

The International camp weeks are what started it all back in 2005, when our own Sigma FC technical team was joined by many of the youth technical team of famed Dutch club Ajax of Amsterdam. Since then the International camp has been expanded to include technical leaders from many different professional clubs to ensure a valuable and diverse learning experience for all attendees. It's like a day in the life of being a part of Sigma FC and our attending international coach's youth academies.

For our older players, the introduction of the University ID component to the International camp week has been a big success. The quality of coaches/schools attending has been second to none. It has provided players aspiring to progress to the University game the opportunity to work alongside these coaches, find out more about the demands of being a student athlete and ultimately be scouted for such opportunities. With so many Sigma Camp attendees going on to be successful at the university level, it's no surprise that this camp week has become a popular must attend event for players and coaches. All this without having to travel far from home for such an experience!

The Elite Development Camp week provides a further excellent opportunity for attendees to work alongside the Sigma FC technical team and best experience Sigma FC! Many attendees already attend our ETC Technical Development Program, with the summer camps providing a summer check point to continue their development throughout the year!

Camp Objectives
  • Providing each attendee a very rewarding learning experience thanks to a combination of:
    • quality technical program
    • experienced and diverse technical staff both local and international
    • quality fields and amenities
    • the right group of attendees who will best appreciate this special event
  • Providing each attendee the ability to interact with the coaches of Sigma FC, International clubs and Universities to receive valuable feedback on how to best progress towards their future goals.
  • Scouting of talent by Sigma FC, international club and university coaches for inclusion in seasonal development programs (ETC Program) or Sigma FC teams and future opportunities beyond youth soccer

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